Knee High QT

photography to Brian
Denim Jacket - Brandy Melville
Black Crop Tank - American Apparel
Gingham Skirt - Thrifted
Knee Socks - Target
Arcade Cutout Platform Boots - Topshop
Yassss, to finally wear a skirt during this month is wish come true!
In addition to that, my awesome friend, Brian turned 20! I truly do hope that he has the best 20th year. The weather cleared up so it was a perfect day to celebrate but first- we must stop by Soho and check out American Apparel!!!

I like strolling through Lafayette and Broadway despite the crowd because Soho is full of creative and fashionable people and there are also endless stores to check out. I'm slowly becoming a major shopaholic which is becoming an issue...
Till next time!


Nobody Cares

photography from Connie

Flannel - Gap
Nobody Cares Crop Shirt and Spiked Choker - Etsy
High Waist Jeans - Pacsun
Platform Boots and Leather Bag - H&M
It's kind of hard to shoot ootds when its snowing nonstop,  wind blowing, and wearing a unfab coat to combat the cold weather. So here I am, doing a shoot at a huge parking lot on the top floor. Gotta do what I gotta do right? Bear with the background until the weather gets warmer

Nonetheless, I'm in love with graphic shirts!!! I'm still collecting some more keke


36th street

photography from Brian

Charcoal Overcoat - Liz Claiborne
Black High Low Sweater - Mystique Boutique
High Waist Jeans - c/o Jollychic
Platform Boots - h&m
Today's weather was roughly around the 40s so I was relieved to wear a not so puffy coat. I opted to wear an overcoat. I was inspired to wear jeans with an overcoat because it looks a bit classic but yet casual. I've can't wait till it gets warmer so I can dress up in a wilder way and wear dresses, hehe.
I recently got featured by lookbook via instagram and I was so happy! It lifted up my spirits to see that lookbook finally acknowledged my existence style! I have never experienced a lot of hypes, followers, and likes- so that was quite a big shock. Nonetheless, I am super overjoyed to have a lot of people glance at my style. I would like to thank lookbook and my friends and followers for support. I hope to blog, post, and instagram more in the near future.