Fringed Denim (with Gamiss)

photography to Rui Jun L
black halter tank- Gamiss ($6.50)
white fringed high waist shorts- Gamiss ($10.19)
socks- Aliexpress
white fisherman platform sandals- Boohoo
rolling stones cap- thrifted

Last week, I flew last minute to Paris with Rui Jun and her bf Mike which was so fun.
Being there was incredible and I never imagined I would be there. I instantly fell in love and I cannot wait to visit there again some day. I'm planning to dedicate a post of my week in Paris later and talk about my experience there, hehe so stayed tuned!

Last week, Gamiss, a very affordable clothing webshop kindly sent me several items to style and review.
One of my favorite items from Gamiss was the high waist fringed shorts (which is only $10.19) because it's so unique and it really gives off a summer vibe when paired with a black halter (which is $6.50)
Definitely check out their webshop whenever you can because there are just so many items that will not break your bank.
I can't to post more outfit looks and writing an extensive review of see you soon?

Also, they also have a 15% coupon code off the order- NEW

Simply Black

photography to Rui Jun

Black Tank Crop Top - American Apparel
Black Pleated School Skirt - Ebay
Banana Socks - Aliexpress
Black Cleated Platform Sandals - Boohoo
Black Backpack - Cleo and Pateh
So far, Europe is pretty fun however, over the weekend we went to Belgium. My experience with Belgium was meh but we mainly visited Ghent to focus shopchokers sales at the con held there. What really let me down was when I tried a small Belgium waffle with chocolate that didn't taste as good as I expected, boohoo. I would've liked to visit Brussels but locals said it's not as great as people hyped about it. Well, whatever I probably won't miss being there as much because my crew were fun to hang out with.
Next week we are going to Paris!!!!111!

carnival day

photography to Rui Jun
Striped Shirt - Monki
Black High Waist Velvet Shorts - GM
Platform Cleated Sandals - Boohoo
Black Backpack - Cleo and Pateh
This past week, I've been chilling with Rui-chan and Mike-kun around their countryside town. It's a very beautiful place and I find it relaxing with all the nature I'm surrounded in. Of course, there are small cities nearby and there was a carnival that day. It was super fun!!!!!

Next week we are going to an anime con in Ghent, Belgium! I'm so excited! It's going to be my first time at a con and I'm there to help support Rui's shopchokers store. We are also hoping to scout potential models to shoot in the Netherlands for her store. If you are planning to come to the con, please stop by to take a look at the shop or just to even say hi! I look forward to meeting new people, hehe peace.