36th street

photography from Brian

Charcoal Overcoat - Liz Claiborne
Black High Low Sweater - Mystique Boutique
High Waist Jeans - c/o Jollychic
Platform Boots - h&m
Today's weather was roughly around the 40s so I was relieved to wear a not so puffy coat. I opted to wear an overcoat. I was inspired to wear jeans with an overcoat because it looks a bit classic but yet casual. I've can't wait till it gets warmer so I can dress up in a wilder way and wear dresses, hehe.
I recently got featured by lookbook via instagram and I was so happy! It lifted up my spirits to see that lookbook finally acknowledged my existence style! I have never experienced a lot of hypes, followers, and likes- so that was quite a big shock. Nonetheless, I am super overjoyed to have a lot of people glance at my style. I would like to thank lookbook and my friends and followers for support. I hope to blog, post, and instagram more in the near future.


Oversized Pink

School is starting this week and I have been confused during this whole break. I sort of lost myself and aimlessly questioned about my progress in life. I admit, it takes me awhile to blog because my motivation to blog sort of slacked off. I felt like my blog made no progress. My mind is still not clear but I am still determined to blog because I have always been dedicated to fashion.

photography from Connie

Knitted Black Beanie - Morning Glory
Rest - H&M
I kind of gotten attached to H&M because its basic but it looks so good, I can't explain.
I'm becoming too absorbed with the color black. Maybe it's because of the cold weather, I can't help but dress in black. I have no shame at all, haha.

I would like to dress in white because it looks so plain and simple but it gets dirty really quick. The snow has gotten all disgusting and very slushy. Hopefully this bad weather goes away soon.


Denim Days

photography to Connie

Beige Beanie - Morning Glory
Denim Jacket - Brandy Melville
Flannel - Mystique Boutique
Jaws Muscle Tank - Universal Studios
High Waist Jeans - Pacsun
Platform Boots - H&M
Choker - DIY

Thank goodness the hellish school days are finally over. Sorry for my inactivity! I never knew studying can be so time consuming, it's so troublesome to deal with all of the stress. Nonetheless, I absolutely had so much fun during my Christmas week! I shopped and went to karaoke to my heart's content and did all the craziest things when reconnecting with my friends.

I love this denim jacket that I picked up at Brandy Melville during Black Friday. It's usually hard to find boxy and oversized denim jackets that flatters the body but this one totally completed everything that I was looking for. The price point was affordable ($36) but as usual, this only came in one size, whatever though. It still looks good~
Then I just topped it off with a graphic shirt and flannel to hit that grungy look.

This year has been a great ride though hellish.
Perhaps I'll see you next year?