Cotton Candy Babe

photography to Brian
Baby Pink Knit Crop Tank- Mystique Boutique
Denim Skater Skirt- American Apparel
Shin Socks- Uniqlo
White Platform Sandals- Boohoo
Planet Tattoo Choker- c/o mysistersaccessories
Hello my lovelies!
I am now back with a colorful outfit of the day~
I did some mini shoppings over the course of a month and bought new stuff here and there. Recently, pastel colored things are catching my eye. I'm seriously planning on dying my hair into a pastel color or at least a light color, for realz. Yolo right?

As you can see, I'm dressing in lighter colors because I love pastel pink and blue but I'm hoping that I would still look not girly cute to the max so I threw on black socks and a tight lace choker that I received from mysistersaccessories!! I will be posting more outfits with different types of chokers. Hopefully that can boost up a bit of my bad looks, ufufu

Ok ok, enough about me, hows your summer and what are your plans?! I want to know 


Velcro Coolness

photography to Brian
Gray Halter Crop Tank - Brandy Melville
Denim High Waist Shorts - American Apparel
Striped Socks - H&M
White Platform Velcro Sandals - Yesstyle
Holographic Tote Bag - Ebay
Yes! Finals week is finally over. Now I am going to relax and blog od~~
The weather is pretty hot right now. I have been wearing crop tanks and I love them!!
I like to go for a simpler but cute outfit and just focusing on colors that would go with denim.
I absolutely love holographic color! It's so pretty and shiny but it doesn't hurt my eyes which makes any product that has holographic amazing!!

I haven't blogged in awhile so I apologize for that 
How is your summer so far?!!



photography to Connie

White Sweater- Zara
Black Knife Pleated Skirt- Ebay
Knee High Socks- Target
Platform Boots- H&M
Leather Backpack- Vintage
I feel ultra school girl here. High socks, pleated skirt, and backpack!!
I'm trying to add more white into my wardrobe but I'm too scared that it will get dirty in no time.
I have no one to blame but myself for letting it get dirty and then I don't want to go through the trouble using toxic chemicals like bleach to get it off!
Ah, white is such a delicate color but so beautiful...