photography to Sam

Black Raincoat - London Fog
Black Turtleneck Top - Forever21
Plaid Suspender Dress - Harajuku
Socks -  Aliexpress
Platform Chelsea Boots and Leather Satchel- H&M

I'm not the only one to think that wearing skirts are more favorable than wearing pants only because you can just slip into it, hehe. It seriously feels refreshing to have your legs breathe. I'm starting to find rap interesting but it's hard to understand what they are saying... not that I'm not intellectual. 

Buttoned Skirt

photography to Sam

Black V-neck Sweater - Thrifted
Buttoned Denim Skirt - Forever21
Milk and Oreo Socks - Japan
Platform Sandals - Boohoo
Holographic Tote Bag and Pink Studded Heart Choker - Ebay
Yo yo. 
I'm broke because I just purchased an airplane ticket to somewhere.
It's a secret where. The point is... I'm broke cuz I'm spending money $$$ for me and for my precious friends. This outfit is mad simple but whatevs, I think it looks trippinnn

Overall Dress

photography to Sam
Denim Jacket- Levi's
Black Crewneck - Thrifted
Overall Dress- Yesstyle
Thigh High Socks- American Apparel
Combat Boots- Docs
Studded Heart Garter- Ebay
Studded Clear Choker- Etsy
Black Backpack- Cleo & Patek
I'm loving garters and chokers. I need more!!
I hate wearing docs but it gets the outfit dun right ya dig~

Old post back in February and when I still had long hair. I chopped it off last week into a bob. Currently loving my hair but I admit, I do miss my long hair back when it was black