Holographic Base

Watched the movie, "Snowpiercer" at an art house located at upper west side.
 It's amazing but beautifully chaotic. Find it to be enlightening and mind blowing.
 Definitively a must watch!  Now onto the outfit of the day.... 
photography credits to Connie

Striped Crop Shirt - Forever21
High Waist Boyfriend Jeans - Vintage
Holographic Chunky Sole Sandal - Tobi
Black Tote Bag - Handmade

Laid back but with a little something new~

Don't have much words for this but this is the first time I am wearing boyfriend jeans.
I speculate that these jeans are perfect for summer since it's spacey and perfect for lazy days.
Recently bought these pretty holographic sandals since they're so shiny and trendy ^^
I wonder what this type of fashion is called- grunge, urban, anyone?


Knit Mint

I barely update, I know. I'm really trying to get back to my blogging game.
Don't worry, I've got tons of stuff to post! Can't wait to share it with you guys soon!

photography credits to Connie

Crop Knit Sweater - Touch me 
Thrifted Floral Dress - From Korea
Caged Platform Sandals - Ebay
An outfit with few photos- hope you don't mind.
Simple and comfortable but playful, keke.

Thank you so much for the support I have received thus far.
I'm very grateful to meet each and everyone of you! I will continue to do my best to engage with you.
Also I would like to apologize (profusely) for my past inactivity. I'm in the middle of getting upgrades for my camera along with other nifty gadgets....
Promise I'll post soon


Jelly Girl

So glad that finals are done. Those sleepless hours and mentally draining days are finally over.
We finally did it my fellow uni students!! Whoo hooo~
photography credits to Connie
Floral Printed Blouse - Olive des Olive
Pink Skater Skirt - Eshine
Crochet Socks - H&M
Clear Jelly Sandals - Makemechic

Just being a girl~
Pastel pink with jellies makes me feel like a youthful little kid, keke.
As you can see, I'm still in the pastel phase at the moment. Opted out for a lighter tone with pink shades. Although I admit, jellies have already been in trend but I was simply going for fun and quirky look.

What are your plans for the summer? I want to know! I'm sure it is enjoyable ^^